We build and support completed IT-solutions.
Private cloud services, web-services, programming, data processing.

Consulting on BigData cloud computing, security and cryptography.

Mobile apps

Building and publishing your mobile application for iOS and Android devices

Mobile App is advanced, easy-to-use tool. Mix of web-site, corporate press along with unique commercial possibilities.


Feel free to commend Application for your products or services to our first-class developers team.

Outsourced specialists

Get professionals on demand. Hire IT-department on hourly fee basis.

We are offering support, mantain and developing your company`s IT-infrastructure, providing wide range IT-professionals.

You can charge us on programming tasks, as well as order a completed customized online-payment system, CRM or Enterprise CMS.

We guarantee fast and complex reaction on your requests. 


Consulting in IT-cases. Assisting you to hire a IT-personell, be in charge of your projects with a freelancers participation.

Web developing

Designing, creating, hosting, supporting and promoting – everything in one place

We build and develope web-projects which

produces a profit.

Our team covering server side as well as front-end, including mobile apps.





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Особенности и преимущества


Предлагаем услуги по разработке и поддержке интернет-сайтов, программ и мобильных приложений.

Гарантия качества на 1 год и отчётная документация включены. Возможна передача исходного кода программных продуктов с сохранением авторских прав по договорённости.
Стандартный договор на услуги и аренду серверов

ObjC, Swift, Python, Java, PHP, Drupal 7/8, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node, JS, jQuery, React JS/Native, Vue, Webpack, Nginx