We do Software Development

WEB, Mobile, AI, Big data, and R&D. 20+ years experience for you.

Web development

Web projects of any scale – from landing pages to advanced initiatives.
We provide engineered consistency of the Product along with further support.

Mobile Applications

We pay attention to all details to achieve the greatest user experiences.
We offer a full range of mobiles technologies, including sensors, navigation, maps, and in-app purchases.

Engineering on demand

Experience forged on engineering foundation, provides unlimited possibilities to deliver your ideas to market.

We providing following services

  • Supervising and Project Management
  • Software engineering and development
  • Software testing and troubleshooting
  • Scientific research and development
  • Big Data processing and analysis
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Electronics and Robotics

Our products

Why should you choose us?


Our products work equally well on all supported devices.

Quality of code

We follow the paradigm
of self-documented code. We writing a code as writing a book.

Time to market

Doing Startup?
We using Agile way to deliver
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ASAP


We are always in touch.
Daily reporting on the status. Open for calls.


Registered in Montenegro we accept crypto, credit cards, and wire bank transfer.


You can count on us.
Serving 24/7, providing agreed SLA.

Short summary

We offer services for the custom software development.
We build for Desktop, Web, Mobiles, micro-controllers.

Providing full cycle of product development.
Design, Implementation, QA, and Continuous delivery.

Main languages are: Objective C, Swift, Python, PHP, Java, .Net, Javascript
Frameworks and libraries: React JS/Native, Vue, Node, Drupal.
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL